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Your Show of Shows
Cleveland gets his own TV show, and Rallo struggles on stage.

Season: 2 Episode: 21
Total Episode Count: 42
Prod. no.: 2APS21
First Aired: May 8, 2011

Guest Starring:, T-Pain, Carl Reiner
Featuring: Rallo, Bernard, Theodore, Cleveland
Also Appearing: Cleveland Brown Jr., Roberta, Donna, Lester, Kendra, Tim, Holt, Terry, Murray, Arch, Mrs. Lowenstein, Lloyd Waterman, Gus, Princess, Walt, Julius, Rice Pee Pee, Shavonne, Muff, Aaron, Harv & Shelly Williams, Paraplegic Gordon, Big-Boob June, Scott Bathroom Tissue
Musical Numbers: Bank Your Cash Up, Censored, Peezy Wheezy

Director: Oreste Canestrelli
Assistant Director: Bryan Francis
Writers: Matt Murray, Aseem Batra Based on a story by Carl Reiner
Storyboarders: Jeff Mednikow, Paul Lee


Plot: When Rallo and his pals Bernard and Theodore try to come up with an act for the school performance show, their idea for a karate act fails, the open up to Murray who writes them a song about fiscal responsibility that bombs with the kids at school.

Meanwhile, after Cleveland impresses his co-workers with his impressions, they suggest he take over when an opening of Waterman Cable's access television opens up. However, his show idea fizzles badly. Struggling to come up with a new show concept, Cleveland and the guys decide to make a show to appeal to women which becomes a success.

Despite Rallo, Bernard and Theodore's song striking out with the other students, the parents love it and Cleveland books them on his show. Backstage, Murray arrives with a new song to make amends for making Rallo and his friends outcasts with their classmates that shocks the audience with it's obscene lyrics but does result in getting the respect of their friends back. Cleveland is fired from the show by Mr. Waterman but Donna auditions to be his replacement by playing her recorder.

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