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You Dropped a Bomb on Me
From the episode: Flush of Genius
Singers: Cleveland
Voices: Mike Henry

"You Dropped a Bomb on Me" is an electrofunk song performed by The Gap Band, released in 1982 on producer Lonnie Simmons' label, Total Experience Records. It reached #2 on the Billboard R&B charts, #39 on the dance charts and #31 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is noted for its sound effects, including the whistling sound of a descending bomb being dropped, as well as the sounds of the explosion of the bomb on target.

In "Flush of Genius", after getting trashed in Cleveland Brown Jr.'s school report on being an American, Cleveland goes out drinking and drunkenly returns home singing "You Dropped a Bomb on Me".


Du-du-du-du-du (whistles like a bomb falling)

You dropped the bomb on me

You dro... (stumbles against the door and drops his drink and burrito. Bends over to pick them up)

You dropped the bomb on me

Hi! Hi-Hi! Hi-Hi tacos!