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[Rallo is in a costume]
Rallo: And on this faithful day, by harnessing the power of electricity, Rallo Tubbs will transform himself into [takes out a fork] Electro-Boy!
[hops and tries to stick the fork into the outlet; electricity is heard]
Cleveland: Kids, dinner!
Rallo: Coming.

[The Brown family at a Italian restaurant, having a meal]
Cleveland: Here, they treat you like family. Which is why i was surprise me when they gave me a bill.
[The Waiter then gave Cleveland the bill and both looked at each for a few second]
Cleveland: Can I get some more salty salad?
Waiter: Sure.
[As soon as the waiter leaves, Cleveland stands up and waves his hands to the family]
Cleveland: GO,GO,GO,GO,GO!

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