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  • Translated into English, the title means "And you Junior, also" or more naturally as "And you also, Junior."
  • Once again, Jess Harnell fills in for Seth MacFarlane as Tim. This is made obvious by the fact that Tim is only given very short one-word lines. Seth's name was removed from the credits for the first time.
  • Ernie's marriage to 'Two-Virgine' Merline in "Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb" seems to have been dropped by the writers.
  • When Choni says "fiesta", Cleveland mistook the word as "siesta" which means "to take a nap".
  • Cleveland saying Choni sounds Puerto Rican, and her replying that she learned the accent at college in Puerto Rico, is a reference to the fact that her actress, Rosie Perez, is Puerto Rican instead of Mexican like the character.
  • Cleveland and Donna read a book by Mapplethorp. Robert Mapplethorpe was an American photographer, known for his large-scale, highly stylized black and white portraits often featuring naked men. The frank, homosexual eroticism of some of the work of his middle period triggered a more general controversy about the public funding of artworks and of the artist's work in general.

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