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  • The title is a parody of the audience chant for the television show Wheel of Fortune.
  • Cleveland makes puns of television show titles with Modern-er Family and God's Mad About You for Modern Family and Mad About You respectively.
  • Robert's call of "no 'bertas" is similar to the refrain of "no whammies" from the game show Press Your Luck.
  • Cleveland's description of commercials featuring people performing a string of good deeds is a reference to a series by Liberty Mutual Insurance titled "Pay it Forward". [1]
  • Rallo tells Quang Quang that he won't be "Olivia Huxtable-d", referring to the addition of Olivia Kendall to replace Rudy on The Cosby Show after the she became too old to be considered the cute child anymore.
  • Cleveland and Donna sitting by the water with a pail of beer bottles is a reference to the commercials for Corona Extra beer.

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