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Wallace "Wally" Farquhare
Vital statistics
Relatives :
Jobs School Principal of Stoolbend High School
Voiced by Will Forte

Principal Wallace Q. "Wally" Farquhare is the principal at Stoolbend High School, though he physically resembles a student. He tries to keep the children of the school under control, but does so in a rather "uncool" manner. He has no sense of dignity, and often shows a dark side under his wimpy nerdy self as seen in "Field of Streams". He knew Cleveland Brown before he moved to Quahog, being the nerdy foil to Cleveland's cool guy attitude. He is a large fan of both the math team and The Fluffers, occasionally joining the latter to perform songs. When he is frightened, he often soils himself.

He has been described as "sorry, self loathing, kiss up, nerdy, and lame" by Terry Kimple in "Field of Streams".

In "Skip Day", it's revealed that he was the only student to attend school on skip day, before Cleveland Jr..

Wally plays the role of one of the hostages taken by Tim and his group of thieves in "Die Semi-Hard".

He is voiced by Will Forte, although he was originally supposed to be voiced by Mike Henry.

Cleveland and Junior lead a flock of turkey's through Wally's house and basement to hide them from Lester in "Turkey Pot Die".

In "California Dreamin'", Gina puts together an elaborate production of stand-ins including Wally to convince the Brown family that Cleveland has returned home from Los Angeles and they should do the same.


  • In the Theme Song, Wally appears when Cleveland sings about "old friends", even though he and Cleveland never got along or liked each other as shown in "Field of Streams".