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From the episode: Jesus Walks
Singers: Hunter, Vanessa, Cleveland Jr.
Voices: Darren Criss, Stacy Ferguson, Kevin Michael Richardson

"Vanessa" is sung by Cleveland Brown Jr. and Hunter as they face off over Vanessa in "Jesus Walks". But when she finds out that they were both faking their religious beliefs in order to attract her, she returns their attention with some surprises of her own.



Cleveland Jr: Vanessa,

I'm sorry for my web of lies

But I love you more than that other guy

Like the Jew hunter in "Basterds Inglorious"

This Jew named Hunter will not be victorious

Hunter: Vanessa

I've never met a girl like you

Not at school, or any mixer

Junior's pursuit of you is through

I will not let him take my shiksa

Cleveland Jr.: We'll look beautiful at the prom

Hunter: I'll introduce her to my mom


Cleveland Jr.: What makes you think she even wants you?

Hunter: Because like Jesus I am Hebrew

Vanessa: Hunter? You're Jewish?

Hunter: Yeah, well, Junior doesn't even believe in God

Vanessa: Junior?

Cleveland Jr.: That's true too

Vanessa So you were both lying about being Christians just to be with me?

Cleveland Jr.: Yeah

Hunter: Sorry

Vanessa: Wow, you guys are bad. Really bad...

That's...kind of exciting.

That's kind

Hunter: Uh, excuse me?..

Cleveland Jr.: Sex what?

Vanessa: You guys are as bad as bad could be

Lying to get a Christian girl

Well now you've got her

You're totally going to Hell

For me!

Jr. & Hunter: We don't believe in Hell

Vanessa: Oh, that is even hotter

I never felt like this before.