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Hey everyone! I really love the show! I realized that there aren't as many cut-away segments as Family Guy. I can't believe they actually show Lois and Bonnie kissing, but totally expected!

I hope they don't cancel it! But if they did, then they'll might come back on the air again!

Donna and Roberta Tubbs are hot! Donna has a nice ass! Roberta looks hot in that dress in for the father-daughter dance. She was also sexy in that musical "Straight Outta Stoolbend".

It's strange seeing Cleveland Jr. older and fatter! I thought he and Mandy were going to be friends, since they're both nerdy outcasts. But now she's his rival. I hope she'll make more appearances.

I love the latest episode "Ladies' Night"! All those sexy single ladies, oh yeah! Donna's friend Yvette is one hot friend! Fabrizia is hot! I hope we see her again, so she'll be Donna's 'friend'.

"Hot Cocoa Bang Bang" is one of my favorite episodes. Donna is hot as Hot Cocoa. The ComicCon war is awesome!

I also like "Y Tu Junior Tambien", because it features Mexicans.

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