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Tweet with Jesus
From the episode: Jesus Walks
Singers: Hunter, Vanessa, Cleveland Jr., Church Choir
Voices: Darren Criss, Stacy Ferguson, Kevin Michael Richardson, Studio Singers

"Tweet with Jesus" is a musical number performed by Hunter, Vanessa and Cleveland Brown, Jr. in "Jesus Walks". It uses many modern technological references to attempt to connect the younger age with religion.



When my life starts trending downward,
I chat with my Lord and we connect.
Church Choir:
We connect.
If I'm gettin' trolled by Satan's minions,
Jesus helps my life AutoCorrect.
Church Choir:
You can't tweet your way to Heaven...
Church Choir
I follow Jesus!
Or text your way from Hell...
Church Choir:
Frowny face!
We don't need a 4G,
'Cuz our one G-O-D is swell.
Can you hear me now?!
Cleveland Jr.:
Who falls for this crap?!
[Cleveland gets up and starts dancing.]
Boi-yoi-yoi-yoi-yoi-yoi-yoing!! Who's that?
If you "like" the Devil, he will "poke" you,
And foursquare can't locate a soul, that's right.
No Nano, Shuffle, Pad, Pod, or Android
Will let you FaceTime with the Big Man in the sky.
Oh, no!
Hunter and Vanessa:
'Cuz MySpace is with Jesus!
Church Choir:
Remember MySpace?
Hunter and Vanessa:
And there's no app for Him.
Church Choir:
That means "application".
Hunter and Vanessa:
If you emptied your last cache,
Where will your second life begin?
Cleveland Jr.:
My heart is skipping, but not like when I climb stairs,
My breathing's shallow, but not like when I sleep!
Her skin is like a flawless piece of cheesecake. Mmmm!
She's like Vanessa Hudgens, but not as cheap.
I believe in dragons,
Elves and beings from outer space,
But I never believed in angels 'til I saw her face!
[music stops as everyone stares at Junior]
Aw, crap, was that out loud?!