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Trend Starters
From the episode: Menace II Secret Society
Singers: Kenny West, Nicki Minaj, ?uestlove, Bruno Mars,
Voices: Nicki Minaj, ?uestlove, Bruno Mars, Kanye West,

"Trend Starter" is sung by the Hip Hop Illuminati consisting of Kenny West, Nicki Minaj, ?uestlove, Bruno Mars and when they explain the reach of their power to Cleveland Brown in "Menace II Secret Society".


Lyrics We start that stuff that then become cool

We start them trends that then become rulez

Leavin' stickers on hat that your kids wear to school

Kenny: Kenny West, teeth Crest

Came up from the gutter

Never fooled by Fabio, I can't believe its not butter

Bruno: Low in cholesterol, yeah

Kenny: Don't hear what we're sayin'? Just ask some white teens

Where you think they got the shutter shades and tight jeans? And we're up in this club with more secrets than Free Masons

Never have to pay for beats because we always free basin'

Movin' in silence that's how the crew goes

Runnin' this like a snotty nose

Nicki: Gonna need a tissue Disappear like the career of Kevin Costner

While we're sittin' here drinkin' beer with Jimmy Hoffa

Kenny: That's my eyeball looking at you from the pyramid on cash

We're so bad we can make an iPad run Flash

Got more secrets than deodorant

Bitch, we don't perspire

We're uncredited consultants on HBO's "The Wire"

Bruno: Mmmnnn, once again

I'd love to borrow those DVDs, brother Yeah, we start that stuff that then become cool

We start them trends that then become rulez

We're the first one to wait thirty minutes before swimming in the pool

All: Illuminati starts shit that then becomes cool

Illuminati starts the trends that then becomes rulez