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Cleveland: Donna, ya gotta see what I did for the superbowl party! Put some deodorant on and come in here. [spraying is heard] Both arms. [Donna continues spraying and comes down]
Donna: Cleveland, what on earth is that?
[two chairs are floating above the couch]
Cleveland: VRP Scarbucks. I'm not sitting down here with you.
[suddenly, they hear an earthquake]
Donna: Oh my god! Is that the rapture?
Cleveland: No, rehearsal of the blue angel fly-over. They protect nothing.
Donna: You know, Cleveland. If you didn't spend all our money on your superbowl parties, maybe you can buy me a McMansion. Like that new one across the street. Mmm. [a mansion is across the street from their house] Killers.
Cleveland: Vulgar. It's vulgar, Donna. Do you want to be vulgar? Look, somebody's trying to break into it! [a burglar crawls into the window] Donna, call the police.
[Rallo has a cell phone]
Rallo: No, man. You should do it. You sound white on the phone. They actually might come.
[Cleveland and a policeman, holding a flashlight walk to the mansion]
Policeman: You sounded white on the phone.
Cleveland: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That window. [policeman pulls out a gun and walks over. Cleveland whispers] Hey, can I hold the gun?
Policeman: Sure.
[Cleveland makes gun sounds]
Cleveland: How do I look?
Policeman: Bad ass.
[the doors open]
Cleveland: Freeze, dirt bag! [Chonie angrily walks up] Chonie?

[Junior watches Cecilia talk to Tyler as Roberta walks up]
Roberta: Did you just set your wife up on a date? [smiling] You kinky son of a bitch.

Choni: Maybe you're not a racist dick. Maybe you're just a dick.

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