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  • This episode was originally registered under the title "BROWN HISTORY MONTH DOS (SCRIPTO GIGANTE) AY! AY! AY!". [1]
  • Once again, Jess Harnell fills in for Seth MacFarlane as Tim, but this time has a line that's more than one word. Jess is also credited as voicing an "old man Chumford" in the press releases although no such named character appears.
  • Rallo said that Cleveland sounds white on the phone, a nod to the fact that Cleveland's voice actor, Mike Henry, is white.
  • Since this was made months before Super Bowl XLVI, the writers assumed that the Steelers would be in the game.
  • At one point, Choni says, "I don't want to know your happy mustached face!", a play on one of the lyrics of the theme song.
  • At the end of "I Love L-A-T-I-N-O-S", the gathered crowd dances the Macarena, a dance phenomenon of the early 1990s.
  • This episode breaks a string of four consecutive episodes with no Cutaway Gags.
  • Translated, Choni rants, "You're very fat, and you have an ugly face and an ugly mustache as well. But I feel really sorry for your wife, because you have a really really REALLY small penis."

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