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The Cleveland Show Theme Song
Theme song

From the episode: All episodes except A Cleveland Brown Christmas, Murray Christmas and Die Semi-Hard
Singers: Cleveland Brown
Voices: Mike Henry

This is the theme song of the show.


My name is Cleveland Brown and I am proud to be
right back in my hometown with my new family.
There's old friends and new friends and even a bear.
Through good times and bad times it's true love we share.
And so I found a place
Where everyone will know
My happy mustache face
This is The Cleveland Show! Haha!


The opening begins with a pan-in on Earth. It cuts to Cleveland singing the first line in front of his house. Turn-wipes cut to "Right back in my hometown" (in front of a sign saying "Welcome to Stoolbend Virginia") and "With my new family" (The Browns picnicking by a river.) Cleveland then stands on a platform showing pictures of his "old friends" (Wally and Terry) and his "new friends" (Holt and Lester), and Tim jumps onto the platform causing Cleveland to fall into a pink pool. The rest of the theme song is heavily influenced by 60's and 70s psychedelic and disco, featuring images such as silhouettes of Cleveland and Donna kissing inside a heart and Cleveland on top of a disco ball with the family dancing beneath.


  • In an earlier version of the theme song, instead of "my happy mustache face," the line was "my happy black guy face." It was changed to make the song more racially sensitive.
  • On November 24, 2009, the theme song was made available to purchase on iTunes.
  • This theme song has been in all episodes of the show, except for:
  • Peter Griffin has the theme song as his ringtone in the Family Guy episode "Cool Hand Peter" when he acknowledges that The Cleveland Show needs a ratings boost.