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  • When the scene at the foster family's home first begins. Ernie has no socks. When the camera shifts and for the remaining duration of the scene, he wears red and white striped socks.
  • When Cleveland and the child services man are hiding behind the couch in the gunfight, there are several holes in the wall. However, when they appear in the next scene, the holes are gone.
  • When the child services man is coming to take Ernie, the door is open and shows Lester's house which has some stairs at the front; there is usally a disabled ramp there for Kendra.
  • As the child services man takes Ernie away from Lester, he is running to his car which is in front of Cleveland's house, but when he is taking Ernie before he enters his car, it seems to be he is running towards Holt's house and his car is not in front of Cleveland's.

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