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The Men in Me
From the episode: The Men in Me
Singers: Cleveland Brown, Barbara
Voices: Mike Henry, Florence Henderson

"The Men in Me" is a song from the episode of the same name when Cleveland Brown struggles with his identity. It is set to the Theme Song melody.



Cleveland: My name is Cleveland Brown

And I am sad to be

So troubled and confused

'bout my identity

A white man, a black man

Are fighting for my heart

These two dudes inside me are tearing me apart


Am I more Charles Barkley?

Or am I Charles in Charge?

Am I L. Ron Hubbard?

Or am I El DeBarge?

Am I more Jay Leno?

Or am I Jay Z?

Why are there so many dudes inside of me?

[Barbara hits him with her purse]


Barbara: Cleveland, You're being ridiculous.

You're so much more than the color of your skin.

You're happy aren't you?

Cleveland: I was.

Barbara: Be proud of who you are

Don't let it get you down

Is Cleveland black or white?

Who cares? You're Cleveland Brown!

Cleveland: [laughing before the message hits him] Ha ha ha ha! Oohhhh

Barbara: And by the way, you're black.