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  • Reverend Jenkins tells Cleveland that he must trust in the Bruce Almighty, referencing the film of the same name. He also mentions "Hubba Bubba", a brand of bubble gum.
  • When Cleveland sees Junior talking to his stuffed animal, he points a wand at his head, removes the memory, and puts it in a jar. This is a reference to the Harry Potter novels when a Hogwarts staff member puts a memory in the pensieve.
  • Cleveland referring to Wayne Brady as "Whitest Black Man in America" is a reference to a classic Chappelle's Show sketch where Paul Mooney as Negrodamus says that "White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X."
  • When Cleveland attempts to look black, he quotes some of the lines from Do the Right Thing.
  • At one point, Cleveland says, "Yeah, boi!". This is rapper Flavor Flav's catchphrase.
  • When Cleveland enters the house after winning the dance contest, he changes out of his jacket into a sweater and changes his shoes in the manner of Mr. Rogers.
  • Cleveland's jacket when he enters his house after the Soul Train scene is reminiscent of Michael Jackson's jacket from his music video for "Thriller".
  • Cleveland accuses Junior of "Shawshanking" him and attempts to punch through the poster of Justin Bieber, referencing the novel and film scene where the escape tunnel is hidden behind a poster of Rita Hayworth.
  • Blackbuster is a parody of the former video rental store Blockbuster Video.
  • The episode's title is a parody of the Bob Dylan song "The Man in Me."

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