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Cleveland: Donna, you don't think I'm the whitest black man in America. Do you?
Donna: No, honey. What does that even mean?
Rallo: May I take this? It means you were dancing like a little white girl so you could see a little white boy dance and sing for little while boys, white girls and a rainbow of pedophiles.
Cleveland: I was trying to win those tickets for Junior.
Cleveland, Jr.: Keep me out of your freak show. [whispers] I really do want to go.
Roberta: Look at you, you still say things like "Party over here!" and "Too legit to quit!"
Cleveland: Yeah, boi!
Roberta: Gross.
Rallo: You're joke.
Donna: Stop teasing Cleveland.

[Cleveland walks up to Barbara's house and rings the doorbell]
Barbara: [gasps] Cleveland Brown!
Cleveland: White lady I've never seen before!
Barbara: [laughs] I practically raised you, Cleveland. I'm your nanny Barbara.
Cleveland: What?
Barbara: Look at you, all grown up. My Cleveland has come back to me. [wiggles her finger] Party over here!
[Cleveland is freaked out]
Cleveland: We'll be white black.

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