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  • This episode aired on Mike Henry's 48th birthday.
  • Although he appears, Tim doesn't have any lines.
  • This episode has no cutaway gags.
  • A DVD cover for Hot Cocoa Bang Bang appears on the shelves in the Blackbuster store.
  • The "Black music white people listen to" section at Boogie Down Records contains posters of mostly white performers.
  • Among the celebrity-style haircuts at the barbershop is "The Rallo".
  • The "Arnold Palmer" Barbara refers to is a drink made of 50-50 lemonade and iced tea.
  • Cleveland sings "Cereal Milk", a parody of Madonna's "Material Girl". He also sings along to "Baby" by Justin Bieber.
  • Cleveland's suppressed memories include:
    • Junior vs. shoelaces
    • Junior messes his pants on airplane
    • Watching Chamber of Secrets
    • Donna sneezing naked
    • Loretta
    • Junior talking to cross-dressing doll
  • Cleveland demonstrates some of his experience as a former deli owner when he mentions knowing the difference between a sweet bread-and-butter pickle and a German-style dill.
  • The hair styles Cleveland has to choose from include:
    • The Will Smith
    • The Jada Pinkett
    • The Denzel
    • The Michael Jordan
    • The Rasheed Wallace
    • The Rallo
    • The Cornell West
    • The 1991 Bobby Brown
    • The 2011 Bobby Brown

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