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  • This episode involves a crossover plot of a hurricane affecting all three then-current Seth MacFarlane shows including American Dad! in Hurricane! and Family Guy in "Seahorse Seashell Party". It is a parody of a stunt used by NBC on November 9, 1991 alternately called Night of the Hurricane and Hurricane Saturday involving a hurricane simultaneously affecting the sitcoms The Golden Girls, Empty Nest, and Nurses. Although no characters from either Family Guy or American Dad! appear in this episode except for puppets of Brian and Stewie Griffin, Cleveland and Peter Griffin do appear in "Hurricane!".
  • The three episodes of "The Hurricane", "Seahorse Seashell Party", "Hurricane!" aired about a month after Hurricane Irene, which affected both Virginia and Rhode Island.
  • This episode was originally set to air May 1, 2011, but was pulled in light of a tornado in the South.
  • Tim the Bear does not appear in this episode although Arianna does. Holt and Lester appear but don't have any lines.
  • Cleveland is told he can't do a Joseph Gordon-Levitt story due to FOX planning a movie with him later in the Summer. The first 20th Century FOX release with Joseph Gordon-Levitt after this episode entered production was Lincoln, released on October 8, 2012.
  • As the family starts their "home cruise", "The Love Boat Theme" plays, sung by Jack Jones.
  • Although other grocery stores are shown in the series, Donna claims she shops at Kroger every day following work.
  • According to Donna, the family doesn't go to church. However, they previously went to church in "Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb".
  • This marks the first time that different music plays during the end credits.

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