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The Cleveland Show: The Complete Season Three
Release Date: March 1, 2013
Episodes: 22

The Cleveland Show: The Complete Season Three is the third season of the The Cleveland Show released on DVD. Unlike previous volumes, this is manufactured to order by under license from This set contains all of the episodes uncensored from Season 3 on three discs.[1]

The set does not include any special features.

Disc 1[]

The Hurricane
Nightmare on Grace Street
Skip Day
Yemen Party
Sex and the Biddy
Die Semi-Hard
Y Tu Junior Tambien

Disc 2[]

There Goes El Neighborhood
Dancing with the Stools
Brown Magic
'Til Deaf
Das Shrimp Boot
March Dadness
The Men in Me

Disc 3[]

Frapp Attack!
American Prankster
Jesus Walks
Flush of Genius
Mama Drama
All You Can Eat