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The Broken Stool No. 2 is a branch of The Broken Stool they guys talk Gus into opening in "A General Thanksgiving Episode" after Holt misses his holiday flight and when the guys try to get a drink at the bar find there is no bar to be seen at the airport.

Stewing back at the stool, Cleveland talks Gus into opening a second bar at the airport. As the guys open The Broken Stool No. 2, they find the airport is overloaded with other bars they didn't recognize as bars due to their fancy names and decor. Gus tells Cleveland to make the bar work or else he'll cut off his nose. As the guys worry about their fate, they get drunk and Cleveland finds an airplane with the keys inside and takes off. As he is in flight, he starts to run out of fuel and is in danger of crashing.

Over Thanksgiving dinner the family along with Holt's strict military father get word of Cleveland predicament and go to the airport. Holt volunteers to jump out of a plane flown by his father on a harness to catch Cleveland in mid-flight. Using the way to ride swings taught by Rallo he gets Cleveland to safety as the plane crashes into the Stool No. 2 and destroys it. Back at the airport, Gus reveals that his niece that needed his life savings has passed away so he no longer has a pressing need for the money.