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Terry Kimple
Cleveland Terry singleF
Vital statistics
Relatives :
Jobs Cable installer for Waterman Cable
Voiced by Jason Sudeikis

Terry Kimple is one of Cleveland's old friends. They knew each other in high school, playing baseball together and hanging out along with Gordy and Angus. While here, Terry took the blame for Cleveland when they were caught smoking pot. Terry now works at the cable company with Cleveland where his boss, Mr. Waterman, is attracted to him. He has in the past been driven sexually by both men and women, having at least one possible son and one daughter, but does not know whether or not he is bisexual. He did know, however, that he loved his boyfriend Paul, who he went on to marry.

His exact age has not yet been mentioned but since he has been seen in high-school flashbacks with Cleveland, he is assumed to be the same age. While he is one of Cleveland's oldest friends, he rarely goes with him to The Broken Stool.