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Straight Outta Stoolbend
Strait Outta 1

From the episode: Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb
Singers: Cleveland Brown
Voices: Mike Henry

Straight Outta Stoolbend is a freestyle rap song that Cleveland randomly raps in "Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb". It is the first original musical number on The Cleveland Show other than the theme song, although the title is a reference to NWA's album Straight Outta Compton.



Federline Jones:
Ho ho hold up, pops. Ain't nobody gettin' off this whip without droppin some freestyle. You know what I'm saying.
(starts beatboxing)
Oh, I don't know if I could possibly—
Straight out of Stoolbend!
A crazy motherfucker named Cleveland!
This is my left hand
And this is my [beav] hand!
I'm spittin' more wisdom
Than Morgan Freeman!
They call me Hot Brown
And the C-Bizzle!
I don't mind the rain
If the rain is just a drizzle.
Whizzle, whazzle, woozle, way!
Razzle, dazzle, doozle, day!
B-I-G C-L-E-V-E!
Relatively STD-free!
Dropped Loretta!
Now I'm doin' much betta!
Like upgradin' to an Escalade from Jetta!
Yo, hey, Donna,
I wanna get on ya!
And I'm kind of hungry
So make some lasagna!
I got a son
He's like a big fat Urkel!
And when he's in the nude
He's like a big fat circle!
"Did I do that?"
Yeah, you're big, and fat!
Drinking melted butter
For a midnight snack!
Shout-outs to Rallo!
Hello, assho!
You're two feet tall
With a three-foot Afro!
And my homegirl Roberta
I don't mean to hurt ya
But more dudes have laid on ya
Than a mattress named Serta!
Y'all done best consider me!
You can't get rid of me!
I'm a Cleveland steamer
Come and take a big old shit on me!
My flow is the noise,
White boys do my voice,
And my rhymes are even harder
Than Sophie's Choice!
Federline Jones:
Nick,nack,paddy wack,crack-a-lack Jack!
I'm out