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Stadium 2

Stoolbend Stadium is home to the minor-league baseball team, the Stoolbend Mudturtles. In "Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb", Shortstop George makes a nice (for him) one-bounce throw to first base. The Stadium 'Kiss Cam', sponsored by Waterman Cable, encourages various couples to kiss including Bert & Ernie and Roberta and Federline Jones.

In "Brownsized", Cleveland treats the guys to a ball game where he spends his severance pay after getting laid off from Waterman Cable, forgetting that the money needed to last until he could find a new job. When he decides to turn the game into a job hunting opportunity to please Donna, he asks the manager if he needs a third baseman. When he is rejected, he settles for ordering an entire tray of warm beer for himself and the guys.