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Stoolbend mem Hospital

Stoolbend Memorial Hospital is the local hospital for Stoolbend.

Cleveland recovers there after getting shot in "The Brown Knight".

LeVar Brown recovers from a heart attack in "Murray Christmas".

After being hit by bank robbers fleeing in a van in "The Essence of Cleveland", Cleveland discovers that Donna knows very little about him.

In "Flush of Genius", Dr. Fist leads a team of hospital interns who tease Cleveland about falling off a toilet. He offers to promote one to doctor who makes a funny comment and tells another she is fired for not being funny until he gets the joke and also offers to promote her.

Cleveland stages an accident in order for Donna's mother Dee Dee to meet her daughter without finding out the truth in "Mama Drama".

Cleveland recovers at the hospital after being shot by a turkey in "Turkey Pot Die". After finding out what it is like to be shot, he vows to help Cleveland Brown Jr. free all of the turkeys before Thanksgiving.

Cleveland goes to see Dr. Fist at the hospital for a vasectomy reversal in "A Vas Deferens Between Men & Women" but backs out of the procedure. When Donna finds out and pretends to be pregnant, Cleveland overhears and they continue the charade right up through the "delivery" at the hospital while waiting for the other to tell the truth.

Donna is examined following having been bitten by Rat Lauer in "A Rodent Like This". After which, Dr. Fist remarks to Cleveland that Donna has nice breasts. But when Dr. Fist starts to cut off Rat Laurer's head to have it tested, Cleveland objects until Donna allows him to take it into the woods to kill it himself.

Following an examination by Dr. Fist in "Crazy Train", Cleveland and Donna find that Freight Train has dementia from his medicines and says he has be off of his meds and recommends an asylum. Cleveland nixes this as he doesn't want to lose time with his dad while he is being kind. Late, Cleveland recovers after nearly being crushed by his car during a hydraulics competition at a low rider convention.