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Stoolbend High School

Stoolbend High School is Cleveland's former high school where he was a student with Donna, Robert Tubbs, and Terry Kimple. He finds Donna working as an assistant to Wally, the school principal, in the Pilot. Cleveland Jr. and Roberta attend here, the former being the current student-council president. The school's nickname, mascot, and newspaper is 'The Growler'. The school's extra-curricular activities include a math club, a baseball team (which plays on Waterman Yards), and The Fluffers. Its teachers include Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Tanner the wood shop teacher and Ms. Eck. Cleveland serves as a coach here, and helps out a group of children when they are threatened to be expelled on account of them being the biggest troublemakers in the school.

"Stoolbend Karate School" is shown as the Japanese version of Stoolbend High School in "Wide World of Cleveland Show".