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Comm Church 1

The Stoolbend Community Church is where the Brown family worships.

Cleveland Jr. pledges his purity in "Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb". Tim and Arianna attend regularly and convince Cleveland to bring his family. Rallo is amazed by the pageantry of the church.

In "A Short Story and a Tall Tale" Trish Barty plans to host her wedding to Rallo at the church, unaware that he is only a child.

Cleveland Brown goes to see Reverend Jenkins when he tries to figure out his black heritage in "The Men in Me".

Cleveland punishes Rallo by sending him to church during one of Reverend Jenkin's Wednesday services in "American Prankster". There, Rallo is arrested for distributing nude pictures of Cleveland Brown Jr. that were taken in the shower as a prank.

The church is served by the Pastor and later Reverend Jenkins.