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The Stoolbend Community Center is a building in Stoolbend where events open to the public are often held. Memorial services can take place here, as well as the annual Christmas pageant hosted by Mrs. Lowenstein. It contains a large auditorium featuring a stage and several rows of seats.

The community Center is the site of the Quiz Bowl in "BFFs".

The Stoolbend Community Theater performs Annie with Rallo in the lead in "A Vas Deferens Between Men & Women". Principal Farquare reveals that his demands have bankrupted the production the show is canceled. As Rallo cries over the show being canceled, the kids decide to put on their own “knock-off” version of the show so they can avoid paying the license fee.

A different community center is used by Rollo to try to convince Cleveland Brown Jr. that there really is a trouble youth orchestra after he finds he has been scammed in "Squirt's Honor". After a depressed Junior ponders exactly which Community Center in town they are at, Rallo forces the scammers to perform so Junior can feel as if he was really helping. Although Junior ails to fall for the ruse, he is still touched by Rallo's gesture and returns to his usual cheerful self.