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Stoolbend Anthem
From the episode: The Blue And The Gray And The Brown
Singers: Cleveland Brown, Stoolbend Historical Society
Voices: Mike Henry

The Stoolbend Anthem is the song the Stoolbend Historical Society sings after Cleveland finds out he chained himself to a statue of the founder of Stoolbend, B. Emerson Plunkett until he discovers that the founder was a stanch supporter of slavery in "The Blue And The Gray And The Brown". The song celebrates the town's racist origins.



Historical Society: Oh Stoolbend, my Stoolbend

Whiter than whipped cream

Cleveland: Whiter than what now?

Historical Society: We proudly vow to never have a good basketball team

Cleveland: Those are the words?

Historical Society: Your white light shines brightly, all blackness eschews

Cleveland: Oh my God

Historical Society: And don't even get us started

On taco-munchers and Jews

Cleveland: Whoa!