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Grifting in the name of the scouts

Squirt's Honor
Rallo joins Stoolbend's version of the Boy Scouts, the "Freedom Squirts."

Season: 4 Episode: 18
Total Episode Count: 83
Prod. no.: 4APS16
First Aired: April 21, 2013

Featuring: Donna, Cleveland Brown, Rallo
Also Appearing: Cleveland Brown Jr., Roberta, Larry the Leopard, Wally Farquhare, Kendra, P-Hound, Keith, Blades, Puffs, Loafer & Plurals, Gene Oshman
Musical Numbers: A Moment Like This

Director: Oreste Canestrelli

Assistant Director: Bryan Francis
Writers: Daniel Dratch
Storyboarders: Phil Hernandez, Eric Sanford, Janice Tolentino

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Following a display of scout prowess, Donna admires the scouts' cleanliness and politeness while Rallo tosses insults. In return, Donna forces Rallo to sign up for the "Freedom Squirts" despite his hatred for their morals and sees the initiation fee as a scam. Junior assures him that after he gives it a try, he'll like it. When Junior gives a homeless man a candy bar, he reveals to Rallo that he bought candy to support a troubled-youth orchestra. Rallo decides it is also a scam, and after finding the seller, he finds his suspicions are correct. Cutting himself in, Rallo uses his scout uniform and cuteness to peddle the candy for his own cash. When Junior sees what he has done, he assumes the cash is for the scouts while Rallo cackles from knowing better. Junior surprises Rallo by taking him to the charity concert that was promised for buying the candy while Rallo knows better and Junior soon finds out the truth. Junior surprisingly accepts the scam to Rallo's surprise. But at the scout initiation, Junior denounces the work the scouts do as crap and quits, flinging his and the Squirt's merit badges into a bonfire.

Completely disconnected, Junior becomes a downer to everyone else and tears the head off Larry the leopard. While Rallo is pleased with himself, Roberta succeeds in showing him the light. Rallo goes to the scammers and gets them to perform to make the scam is a real show. Rallo and the troubled youth's performance leaves much to be desired but Junior fails to fall for it, but sees the intention and feels good about himself. Rallo makes Junior a new uniform while in Junior's room, Larry pulls his head back onto his body and threatens to kill Junior.

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Meanwhile, Cleveland and Donna win a romantic hotel getaway to the Bendit Inn in the scout raffle. Donna decides to complain her way into a series of better rooms and Cleveland joins in. But they charge too many "incidentals" that were not included in their room, they are forced to work for the resort as maids. Cleveland finds himself accosted in his female maid outfit. Donna believes they can use the incident to pay off their hotel bill but has to use herself as bait to get proof. With a camera hidden in the cleaning cart, her approach fails to draw interest and Cleveland tries to use himself without luck either. Their pigeon decides to make a run for it but they manage to get a bad recording on the elevator security camera for the manager who fails to fall for the ruse but kicks them out anyways after thinking of them having sex.