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[Cleveland, Jr. cleans his award]
Cleveland: Junior, I don't ever wanna see you laugh at like that again.
[Cleveland, Jr. trips over]
Cleveland: [laughs] Walk much? So anyway. From this moment on, I don't want you to follow anybody else's rules. I want you to be a renegade.
Cleveland, Jr.: Okay.
Cleveland: See? that's exactly what I'm talking about. Don't say okay to everything.
Cleveland, Jr.: [sadly] Sorry.
Cleveland: And don't say sorry all the time.
Cleveland, Jr.: Okay.
Cleveland: No! Oh, forget it. Just go to bed.
Cleveland, Jr.: Okay, sorry.
Cleveland: Oh. dang it, Junior! It's only 6:30!
Cleveland, Jr.: [in bed] I thought I seemed early.
Cleveland: Then why were you going to bed?
Cleveland, Jr.: Well, 'cause you told me to, Daddy.
Cleveland: That's exactly why you shouldn't. Here, chug this beer.
Cleveland, Jr.: I'm not 21. Plus, I'm on allergy medication that shouldn't be mixed with alcohol. But if you say so. [drinks the beer; falls down and dies]
[cut to the hospital]
Doctor: I'm sorry. We did all we could. He's dead.
Cleveland: [sobs] Junior, please don't leave me!
Cleveland, Jr.: [gets up and is alive] Okay.
Cleveland: Aah, you're hopeless!