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  • This was originally going to air on March 14, 2010, but it was replaced by a repeat showing of The Simpsons episode "The Great Wife Hope". It was delayed for more than a year until April 10, 2011.
  • Originally, Cleveland was going to make friends with football legend Terry Bradshaw. All of his scenes were reanimated with a black version of his character named Barry Shadwell.[1] Rickard Sterban was also slated to appear as himself but his role was cut from the final print of the episode.
  • In addition to Barry Shadwell, Cleveland's other boyhood idol he mentions is Gene Gene the Dancing Machine, aka Eugene Patton, who was a member of the stage crew and occasional performer on The Gong Show. Terry intones the theme song that he danced to to liven up the show periodically.[2]
  • The Wilhelm Scream, a running gag in both Family Guy [3] and American Dad! [4] is heard when Angus and Gordy fire the starter pistol at a blimp.
  • Terry is seen on a paddle boat called “PoonToon” surrounded by bikini clad women after he married Paul in “Terry Unmarried” as this episode was supposed to air long before his revelation that he was gay.