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The "Scene missing" gag happens when Cleveland or anybody around him goes through an near-death experience, but only to be saved by the Magical flying walrus, Mr. Flippers.

Ladies' Night

This one all happens when, while on a day out tubing down a river with the kids, Cleveland stumbles across Donna and her friends. Cleveland is mad at Donna for lying. Distracted by Donna, Cleveland doesn't realize that he and the kids are heading for a waterfall. Fortunately, during a missing scene, they are saved by Mr. Flippers.

Gone with the Wind

This scene starts with Cleveland and Terry, who is mad with Cleveland about getting him hurt with Cleveland's farting. Then, inside the truck, Cleveland passes gas and Terry, who is covering his nose to not to smell the fart, falls off the road, but they are saved once again by Mr. Flippers.