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Rob's Place is a restaurant on the television show What's Happening!!.

What's Happening!! follows the lives of three working-class African-American teens living in the Watts section of Los Angeles. The show stars Ernest Thomas as Roger "Raj" Thomas, Haywood Nelson as Dwayne Nelson, and Fred Berry as Freddy "Rerun" Stubbs. Co-starring are Danielle Spencer as Roger's little sister, Dee; Mabel King as Roger and Dee's mother, Mabel; and Shirley Hemphill as Shirley Wilson, a waitress at "Rob's Place", the boys' favorite restaurant.

In "Another Bad Thanksgiving", Cleveland Brown revealed he once had a role on the show. He reenacts a scene from the show in the role of Shirley where he takes a bit out of each of the boy's sandwiches to determine which one was served to each.