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Reggie is one of Cleveland Brown Jr.'s "friends" at Stoolbend High School, although he often picks on him and is more prone to hang out with Laine and Derek. He offers to beat up Mandy or date her and break her heart after she attacked Cleveland Jr.. Cleveland says dating her is ok but not to get her pregnant. Reggie reveals he can't because of testicular cancer.

A running gag in "Wide World of Cleveland Show" features Reggie reaction when someone says something offensive.

When Roberta stops by the Beauty Call Salon for a manicure in "Brownsized", she finds Rallo there supposedly there to get his hair done but is really trying to set her up with a black boyfriend. Rallo first tries to hook her up with Reggie but she objects to his karate shoes.

Reggie is voiced by Clarence Livingston.