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Rap Battle
From the episode: Brotherly Love
Singers: Kenny West, Cleveland Brown Jr.
Voices: Kanye West, Kevin Michael Richardson

The Rap Battle between Kenny West and Cleveland Brown Jr. takes place in "Brotherly Love".



Kenny West:
It's Kenny sippin' Henny, rhymes slicker than teflon,
At Stoolbend High, I'm the black Zac Efron.
And when I meet a shorty, you know, we're goin' bedwards,
Pullin' more tail than my man, John Edwards.
Lumpy, chunky, booger-eatin' chump be,
Actin' outta place like Hootie singin' country!
Leema girl alone an' gitcha own tenderoni!
C'mon, who are we kiddin'? Ya used to bein' lonely!
[drops the mike and everyone cheers]
Cleveland Jr.:
I need to say something here.
[picks up the mike and steps onto the stage]
Eh, hello? Can you hear me?
Someone should've told you not to fuck wid me!
You think you can rhyme, man? Yo' flo was amateur!
Imma nerd! I can smoke you with an iambic pentameter!
Mess wid me, homeboy? Don't wanna risk it!
I'll burn you like Mrs. Friedman's god-awful brisket!
Sarah Friedman:
Well, that was uncalled for.
Cleveland Jr.:
Yeah, how you like me now, bitch?
[drops the mike]
Kenny West:
Fall back, big boy, cuz ya steppin' to the best!
Kenny West. Test! Test! Test!
Yo, is this thing on? Krochobok hitchcok!
Yeah, I just dissed you in Klingon!
Cleveland Jr.:
Luccka parracka! Yeah, I speak Klingon, too!
So kiss my chocolate gunta and also hoch you!
Yo flo is faded and dated deflated and constipated!
If I had to rate it: Hate It! Translated: You ate it!
Hey, cheese ball, you've been grated, chewed up, swallowed, and defacated!
Ha, to restate it: [gives West the finger] on the DVD this won't be pixilated!
Damn! He got him! That's my brother!
Kenny West:
Alright, alright, I know you think you so hot.
Question is: [gets out autotuning device] can you sing like a robot?
Cleveland Jr.:
[in autotune voice]: Yes, I can sing like a robot.
Kenny West:
Now, y'all just witness history in the makin'!
Cleveland Jr.:
Greatest combination since eggs and bacon!
Kenny West:
Kenny West and Cleveland Junior Brown!
Cleveland Jr.:
Let's get up...
Kenny West and Cleveland Jr.:
And burn this mutha down!