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Ralphed is the grocery story that Roberta bumps into Devon as he works as a clerk in "Brownsized".

Distracted while texting, Roberta starts to dismiss him when he asks if she brought reusable bags, telling him to just put one of each item in double plastic bags. But is smitten when she looks up at him. She pretends she left her canvas bags at home and Devon strips off his shirt for her to use, showing off his muscled chest. Devon also impresses Rallo with his strong African roots. Flirting, Roberta asks if he could carry her groceries out for her and she sweeps her off of her feet and carries her out in addition to the groceries.

In "Of Lice and Men", Cleveland and the guys go to Ralphed to replace the RC Cola that Lester drank from LeVar Brown's stash but find out from Big-Boob June who works there that RC isn't sold in Virginia anymore. She sends them on to Kentucky to locate it.