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Rallo Room

Rallo's Room is a room in Cleveland Brown's house in Stoolbend where Rallo sleeps. It has green walls and a wooden floor and contains a bunkbed despite the fact that Rallo is the only one who occupies the room. A pair of Hulk Hands lie next to the bed along with a large blue plush, and the walls of the room are lined with wooden blue furniture stocked with art supplies. The closet contains, among other things, a small shrine towards Robert Tubbs. When Rallo kicked Cleveland out of his own bedroom, Cleveland slept here.

"Nightmare on Grace Street" reveals that Rallo also has a vintage console stereo and vinyl record collection after not understanding what a record was when Cleveland took him to All Sales Vinyl in "Ain't Nothin' But Mutton Bustin'".

A SpongeBob Banana doll from "Buried Pleasure" can be seen on Rallo's bed in "A Short Story and a Tall Tale".

Donna is forced to completely empty his room when she attempts to punish him in "American Prankster".

Rallo reveals that the microwave Cleveland keeps in his and Donna's bedroom in "All You Can Eat" extends into his room and blows on his face.