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From the episode: Wide World of Cleveland Show
Singers: Sofia Vergara, Cecilia, Choni
Voices: Sofia Vergara, Rosie Perez, Elia Saldana

"Quinceanera" is sung when Cecilia and her aunts Choni and Sofia Vergara offer support of Cleveland Jr. having a quinceanera in "Wide World of Cleveland Show" after Cleveland refuses due to Jr. being a boy.


Sofia Vergara: As soon as boys, they turn fifteen años

They never want to come out of their baños

When they get hair in strange places

And refried bean faces

We just have to throw quinceanera

Cecilia: When Aztecs turned fifteen years old

Quinceanera meant they were now warriors

So many centuries ago

Before whitey stole California

All: So celebrate your son's fifteen años

And don't just take it from more us Chicanos

There's plenty of blacks who'll bring over six-packs

Don't let it scare ya, throw quinceanera