Qunag Quang

Quang Quang is the Asian child that Robert and Dee Dee Tubbs adopt when they decide they want a second chance at being parents in "Wheel! Of! Family!". Despite the new parents enthusiasm, first Rallo and then Donna both attempt to point out that they are open to giving their respective parents another chance to be part of their live but are ignored. While Donna pleads her case, Quang Quang lets a little fart which amuses both Dee Dee and Cleveland.

To help cement their ties, Dee Dee and Robert plan a christening ceremony to give Quang Quang a new name and ask Cleveland and Donna to be the godparents but Donna will have nothing to do with it. At the christening, Dee Dee and Robert don't show up and Donna and Cleveland go over to find Dee Dee forgot while Robert was busy taking care of the baby. Dee Dee asks Donna to help her learn how to be a good parent, and she agrees. They christen Quang Quang with the name "Hong Kong Phooey" and Cleveland and Donna find themselves attending Quang Quang's functions as well as trying to keep up with their own children.

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