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"Puking", also known as "vomiting", "barfing", and a variety of other things, is the act of forcefully expelling the contents of your stomach through your mouth. While it normally is caused by eating something that does not agree with your body, it can also be used for comic effect to show one's disgust at something. This latter cause is quite often the case in The Cleveland Show, in which a character, more often than not being Cleveland, pukes once almost every episode.



  • In a flashback, Cleveland and Donna puke on each other after chugging two beers.

Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance

Ladies' Night

  • Cleveland, Holt, and Terry all throw up on Cleveland's lap during their "single men" hang-out.

A Brown Thanksgiving

  • Cleveland repeatedly vomits when his father and Auntie Momma act inappropriately during dinner.
  • Freight Train vomits when Cleveland tells him the truth about Auntie Momma.

From Bed to Worse

  • The title card for the television show "The Barf Family" is shown, featuring a man, woman, and two children vomiting.
  • A man working for Juggs pukes after Cleveland Jr. reveals that he is a boy.

Field of Streams

Love Rollercoaster

  • When a disguised Roberta in a fat suit tries to use her charms on Mr. Armstrong, he responds by puking.

The Brown Knight

  • Rallo ralphs when he finds out where Roberta bleeds from during her period.

Gone with the Wind

  • A little girl loses her lunch when Cleveland rips one on the ferris wheel.


  • Rallo refuses to admit he's sick and wants to go to school. But reaching the bottom of the stairs, he starts throwing up and eventually lands in the mess. Also, Cleveland makes retching sounds off-screen after being kissed by Barry Shadwell.


  • Ralphed, the grocery store that Roberta shops at is a pun on puking. Their sign even notes that they need a clean up on every aisle.

Pins, Spins and Fins!

  • Vomit flies everywhere as Cleveland and the guys ride a Rotor at an amusement park with no one at the controls.