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Rallo: But we can't go home now.
Cleveland: You're right. Your mom and Jr. will tease the dickens out of us.
(Looks off-camera) Can we say that? Oh, ok. They'll tease the dickens out of us.
(Bumps into a table) Ow! Right in the dickens!

(Cleveland pushes Donny across fluid from Junior's costume toward the window)
Donny: I hate black people!!!
(Donny falls out the window)
Cleveland: Figures.

[Roberta has just seen the alleged werewolf and vampire who are in love with her having sex.]
Anna: You know, Roberta, for the record, not all gay people are monsters.
[Frankenstein's Monster enters as a gay person.]
Frankenstein's Monster: No, but most monsters are gay!

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