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Never Knew Love Like This Before
Never knew love
From the episode: Gone with the Wind
Singers: Cleveland Brown, Donna Tubbs-Brown
Voices: Mike Henry, Sanaa Lathan

"Never Knew Love Like This Before" is a song by American R&B singer Stephanie Mills. The song is the second and final single from Mills' 1980 album, Sweet Sensation. The single was released in August 1980.

Cleveland Brown and his wife Donna Tubbs-Brown attempt to sing the song during the karaoke competition at The Broken Stool in "Gone with the Wind" when Cleveland has an attack of flatulence. He turns it to his advantage and they become a hit.



Donna: I never knew love like this before

Now I'm lonely never more

Since you came into my life

Cleveland: You are my lovelight, this I know

And I'll never let you (farts)

oh oh You my all, oh boy, you're heart

(farts) Oh, it burns

Part of me

Oh bad, bad, Nothing but problems

Donna: Once I was lost and now I'm found

Then you turned my world around

Cleveland: Ow, ow

(Cleveland rips a string of farts, cracking up the crowd)

Donna: ’Cause I never

Knew love like this before

Cleveland farts in melody with Donna: What a surprise

'Cause I never

Knew love like this before

(Crowd cheers)