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Mrs. Richter is Holt's mother. She has only been heard but not seen. She is very controlling of Holt, bringing him skirt shopping and not allowing him out too late. However, Holt is a momma's boy; he still lives with her, and she makes him dinner. Cleveland convinces Holt to stand up for himself, so he sends her on a vacation.

Holt gets a note from his mother to go on a hunting trip with the guys in "'Til Deaf".

In "A General Thanksgiving Episode", Holt mentions that his mother has three boyfriends in Florida but isn't allowed to attend family functions with them since he calls them all dad and she claims it cramps her style. He also notes that she won't bring him back an alligator as he requests. Holt's father, General Richter, reveals that Mrs. Richter cheated on him and his estrangement from his son is the result of not being able to join the military due to inheriting his mother's short stature.

While stuck on the Funky Junction Rotor in "Pins, Spins and Fins!", Holt is the least uncomfortable, noting that his mother used to put him in the dryer.

She is voiced by Stacy Ferguson.