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"Miss" Gargalo is the flamboyant director for the Stoolbend Community Theater production of Annie held at the Stoolbend Community Center in "A Vas Deferens Between Men & Women".

After enduring auditions from Oliver Wilkerson and Roberta, Gargalo laments ever being able to find his Annie, but when Rallo has an accident and is forced to borrow one of Junior's spare shirts, he slides on the freshly waxed stage and into Gargalo's heart who believes he may land an Obie.

To everyone's dismay, Rallo turns into a demanding diva backed up by Gargalo although he turns on him as well. But when Wally Farquhare reveals that his demands have bankrupted the production, the show is canceled. As Rallo cries over the show being canceled, the kids decide to put on their own “knock-off” version of the show so they can avoid paying the license fee.

Previously, "Miss" Gargalo directed the Stoolbend Community Church choir in "Jesus Walks".