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Rallo: Mama, can I have some chocolate milk too for trying?
Donna: Of course you can have some. When you actually find something. Well, I'm off to the grocery store.
[walks off]
Rallo: Don't forget that stuff Ms. Lowenstein needs you to buy me for the recital this Sunday.
Cleveland: Oh, for Mother's Day?
[Donna stops]
Rallo: Uh, you mean... other's day. 'Cause Sunday's just an other day. [laughs] Nothing special.
Cleveland: Nothing special my fanny. Check out what I made for my mommy for Mommy's Day. [hold up a sculpture of Cookie] I made a bust of my mom's head. It's also a volcano! [pours milk on it, pretending it's lava] Spew! Spew! Spew!
Donna: Well, I'm running late for weeping in my car.
Cleveland: Good-bye!
[Rallo throws out the project]
Rallo: Have you lost your mind? You don't mention Mother's Day in front of her. The woman was abandoned at birth by her mother.
Cleveland: Donna was? Oh, yeah. [voice-over] Poor Donna. Well, I'd better talk to her. Good thing I've been practicing my listening face.
[he and Donna are in bed]
Donna: Cleveland, what the hell are you doing?
Cleveland: Listening!

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