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Cleveland, Jr.: I've never been friends with a girl before. Is it true you guys clap your breast together, like a seal?
Tyra: No!
Cleveland, Jr.: Thanks a lot, Wikipedia.

Ms. Eck: You know, I used to be quite doable myself.
Roberta: So what happened?
Ms. Eck: I turned 30.

Lester: I got bit by the inventing bug myself. Among other bugs. And crabs.

Rallo: You'd be amazed how many people on the internet wanna meet a five-year-old boy!

Cleveland: What the hell kind of comedy high school are you going to, anyway?

Nerd: This is still pretty cool!

Nerd: Who are you?
Tyra: I'm Fat Girl.

Federline: Know what I'm sayin', Omega Moo?

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