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Donna at "Ladies' Night"

Ladies' Night
Donna still hangs with the single ladies.

Season: 1 Episode: 6
Total Episode Count: 6
Prod. no.: 1APS07
First Aired: November 15, 2009

Guest Starring: Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis, Arianna Huffington, Rutina Wesley, Alex Meneses, Marina Sirtis
Featuring: Cleveland, Donna, Cleveland Brown Jr., Rallo, Yvette
Also Appearing: Roberta, Holt, Lester, Terry, Tim, Arianna, Kendra, Ernie, Federline Jones, Fabrizia, Athena, Oliver Wilkerson, Wally, Derek, Laine, Kyle, Mandy, Shavonne, Walt, Julius, Brandi, Ryan Sanderson, Reggie, Mr. Flippers, Lilly Wachowski
Director: Justin Ridge

Assistant Director: Jim Shellhorn
Writers: Clarence Livingston
Storyboarders: Jae Woo Kim


Cleveland and Donna get together with the neighbors, but while Cleveland is enjoying himself, Donna is less than thrilled and gives Cleveland the cold shoulder. When invited to spend more times with the neighbors, Donna decided to sneak out and spend more time with her old friends at a single mothers gathering. Getting away from Cleveland helps spark the relationship. Cleveland finds out that she wasn't spending time with the other wives but gets distracted. While on a day out tubing down a river with the kids, Cleveland stumbles across Donna and her friends who are shocked to find out shes married. Donna is forced to tell the truth to Cleveland who is at first angry but after spending some time away, comes to realize just how much he cares for Donna. He hatches a plan to help Donna get back together with her friends by acting like a jerk by convincing her friends that their marriage won't last long.

Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. is nominated as a joke for Student Council President. Afraid of looking bad if he looses, Rallo comes to his aid as his campaign manager. When their efforts at slander don't produce enough results, Rallo attempts to pass off Cleveland Jr. as blind. During a presentation, Cleveland Jr. sees that his opposing candidate's life is in danger and saves him, exposing his vision but inspires his opposition to withdraw from the race, leaving Cleveland Jr. as Student Council President. Having achieved his goal, Rallo retires as campaign manager.