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Kids Suck at Everything
From the episode: Pins, Spins and Fins!
Singers: Donna, Rallo
Voices: Sanaa Lathan, Mike Henry

"Kids Suck at Everything' is sung by Donna as she tries to explain that kids are not good at much after giving Rallo a rude awakening in bowling in "Pins, Spins and Fins!".



Donna: Every boy and girl you know

Is worthless from their head to toe

It's like a bed bug mated with an invalid

They're frail and weak and short in height

Their hands too small, their brains not right

It's not your fault you suck, you're just a kid

You're as worthless as a recent song by Sting

Yes, kids suck at everything

Rallo: So kids are just useless wastes of space?

Donna: Now it sounds like you're getting it. But I'm sure you're not.

If your tiny brain remembers just one thing...

Kids suck at everything

This song does not apply to Asian kids.