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Showdown on the church trip.

Jesus Walks
Junior falls for a choir girl.

Season: 3 Episode: 19
Total Episode Count: 62
Prod. no.: 3APS20
First Aired: April 29, 2012

Guest Starring: Darren Criss, Stacy Ferguson, Daryl Mitchell
Featuring: Vanessa, Cleveland Jr., Hunter
Also Appearing: Donna, Maurice, Cleveland, Reverend Jenkins, Roger, Lester, Tim, Holt, Roberta, Rallo, Jesus Christ, Larry the Leopard, Muff, Mr. Waterman, Lydia Waterman, Mayor Larry Box, Ron Livingston, Miss Gargalo
Musical Numbers: Tweet with Jesus, Vanessa, I Want to Go All the Way

Director: Phil Allora

Assistant Director: Kevin Pawlak
Writers: Kirker Butler
Storyboarders: Clay Christman, Young Jeon Chan, Lisa Kim


When Donna greets Cleveland after a day of work with a fancy dinner, the guys tell him that it's a sign that she is cheating on him. At church, Cleveland is suspicious while Junior is annoyed with the sermon. But when choir girl Vanessa catches Cleveland Jr.'s eye. She talks him into joining the church choir himself. Cleveland heads off to leave Donna alone to spy on her and see what she is up to. He spots her skulking around and believes he has caught her. But when he confronts her, she admits an old friend Maurice has returned from Iraq and she was writing him. Cleveland decides to confront Maurice but discovers he is paralyzed. Taking Maurice out for a drink with the guys, he asks Donna to be his best man at the wedding with Donna and Donna is forced to tell the truth about her marriage to Cleveland. Donna offers to let Maurice stay but he leaves in tears. To cheer him up and to keep him from wrecking the house to make it handicap accessible, they suggest a parade. During the parade, a sour Maurice provokes Cleveland into fighting him. Everyone is shocked when Cleveland decks Maurice, but Maurice reveals it's the first time since returning home that he wasn't treated with pity and leaves happy.


Meanwhile, another choir member Hunter faces off with Jr., having intentions for Vanessa himself. He revels that he is aware that Cleveland belongs to the school Atheist club, but Junior also discovers that Hunter is Jewish. But on a church trip the truth is revealed that neither Hunter or Junior are Christian, Vanessa becomes sexually attracted to their misdeed, frightening the two with her aggressiveness. At the camp, Vanessa continues, suggesting they slip away together. Deciding to flip a coin to see who will sacrifice themselves for Vanessa, Cleveland loses. Going to Vanessa, Cleveland starts to pray without luck. As Junior and Vanessa start to kiss, a fire set by Hunter interrupts them. Vanessa vows to try again but the boys put her off, claiming they have more volunteer work rebuilding the house, leaving a disappointed Vanessa who thought they were cool.